Competitive heat can fire up EU industry growth

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MEPs attending an exclusive dinner in the European Parliament on Wednesday will hear from industry how cogeneration is crucial to providing local, affordable heat supplies to industrial sites across Europe.

With intermittent renewable energy sources set to feature more strongly in the EU’s energy mix, MEPs will hear how combined heat and power (CHP) technologies support the energy transition by delivering on-site energy supplies.

The Energy Union ” launched by the European Commission in February 2015 ” placed energy efficiency at the heart of the EU legislative framework for energy. Improving energy efficiency in the heating and cooling sectors is one of the Energy Union’s priorities, with the Commission poised to present a Heating and Cooling Strategy in early 2016.
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COGEN Europe members Siemens and Centrax will assert how the energy savings associated with CHP fit into this fast-developing policy framework and how local CHP plants can bring the Energy Union to life by providing cost-effective, low-carbon and secure heat for EU industrial sites.

With heating and cooling in buildings and industry representing the EU’s biggest energy end-use sectors (46%) and with more than half of the primary energy consumed in power-only plants lost in the form of heat, clearer links between power and heating & cooling must be made at national level.

Ahead of this debate, COGEN Europe Managing Direction Fiona Riddoch said “the European heat strategy should encourage greater energy efficiency in the use of valuable fuel resources, through the wider use of CHP. The Energy Union vision with energy consumers at the core increasingly supports this more efficient, decentralised European energy system”.

At present, the main instrument to develop cogeneration in Europe is the Energy Efficiency Directive 2012/27/EU, whose provisions requiring member states to assess their potential to improve energy efficiency with cogeneration are to be implemented by the end of this year.

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