Cogeneration to backbone $5.3M energy efficiency drive in New Jersey

New Jersey, US regulators have approved $5.3 million in incentives forà‚ energy efficiency upgrades at six entities, with a goal of saving more than 19.5 MWh per year.

The funding will go to a diverse group of businesses installing combined heat and power systems, cogeneration projects,à‚ high efficiency heat pumps, and more.
New Jersey's Clean Energy Program
The state’s incentives will back a total investment of $13.4 million from a range of companies and one state agency.

The incentives are being provided throughà‚ New Jersey’s Clean Energy Program, and within that program, itsà‚ Large Energy Users Program is designed toà‚ promote investment in energy-efficiency projects among the state’s largest commercial, industrial and municipal facilities.

Eickhoff Supermarkets and Village Supermarkets will each receive $900,000 through the Combined Heat and Power & Fuel Cells Program. Each store is installing aà‚ 450à‚ kW cogeneration unit, and the project is expected to produce 7.2 MWh of electricity and yield $310,502 in annual savings.

Clement Pappas & Co. (the sauce supplier)à‚ will get more than $1.4 million via theà‚ Combined Heat and Power & Fuel Cells Program. The company will replace two steam boilers with a 1 MW natural gas co-generation unit at their Bridgeton, N.J., bottling facility.

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