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Cogeneration sector responds to Energy Efficiency Directive

COGEN Europe says that for the new Energy Efficiency Directive (EED) could generate real growth in cogeneration in Europe.

To achieve this goal, COGEN Europe, the European association for the promotion of cogeneration, says that it should use the directive to support investor confidence and the smooth growth of the sector.

COGEN Europe also believes links between the Renewable Energy Directive and the CHP Directive including priority of dispatch should be included in the new directive.

The association is also backing moves that would require Member States to develop effective heat plans with clear enabling and support measures so that cogeneration rapidly becomes the default option for thermal electricity generation and industry is encouraged to generate electricity for its own and public use.

COGEN Europe is also keen that Member States commit to a timescale for implementing the identified growth plan for cogeneration while encouraging the deployment of micro-CHP by simplifying authorisation processes for metering and billing.

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