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Cogenco adopts Veolia title

Cogenco, Veolia‘s specialist combined heat and power (CHP) unit, is to be fully integrated with the UK group and will adopt the Veolia name, according to statement from the company. The move coincides with an expansion of the current product range and introduction of enhanced efficiency packaged CHP units with power outputs ranging from 50 kWe to 4 MWe.

The name change reflects the closer integration of the group, while the Cogenco Limited business will continue to develop, construct and operate CHP installations.

It will enable the parent company to offer a wider range of CHP based low-carbon energy solutions across all market sectors, Veolia said.

Steve Guttridge, Managing Director of Cogenco, added: ‘This move fully integrates our CHP services under the “Resourcing the World” brand and our CHP customers will benefit from a larger range of on-site energy solutions that can help them be more sustainable into the future.’

Veolia currently operates over 600 CHP units across a range of sectors.