Finland’s Metso has modernised the distributed control system (DCS) of the Linden cogeneration facility in New Jersey, US, without the plant needing to go off-line.

Linden wanted to modernise the plant’s control room workstations, the control processors, and the DCS network to improve controllability of the six combustion turbines, their heat recovery steam generators, and other related plant equipment.

To achieve this, the Metso team divided the plant and controlling portions of the DCS into small modernization task segments, which allowed engineers and technicians to make sure that a particular system or piece of equipment remained fully functional and contributing to power production, even though the DCS was temporarily disconnected.

“In the end, we were able to sequentially change out all the operator and engineer workstations, historians, and process controllers while rebuilding the dual redundant DCS network infrastructure,” said Edward Coll, Metso’s regional vice president for automation energy and process systems. 

“We improved the raw network speed by a factor of 200 times the original speed, and we did it all without a plant outage.”

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