Cogen helps US skyscraper win second green award

San Francisco’s landmark Transamerica Pyramid building has received a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) platinum certification, largely thanks to its new cogeneration plant.

The US Green Building Council originally awarded the 48-storey building the LEED Gold status in 2009.

Since receiving the Gold status, the Transamerica Pyramid LEED team has boosted the building’s efficiency and reduced waste produced in the building.

The building has received plaudits for the creation of an US$3.4 million 1.1 MW on-site CHP plant that produces an average of 70% of the building’s electricity and 100% of heating and domestic hot water needs.

The Transamerica Pyramid is also one of the first buildings to comply with the Existing Commercial Buildings Energy Performance Ordinance signed into action in February 2011 by San Francisco mayor Ed Lee.

This requires non-residential buildings 10,000 ft2 (929 m3) and larger to undergo an energy efficiency audit and report on annual energy use.

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