COGEN Europe highlights CHP potential for EU targets

here is a big incentive for backing combined heat and power, according to advocacy group COGEN Europe ” the technology can go a long way towards meeting the EU’s emission reduction targets.

CHP installations could provide Europe with up to an additionalà‚ 120 GW of energy, according to the group, who say cogeneration from hybrid facilities can make a huge impact on savings, while curbing emissions.
COGEN Europe
COGEN Europe believes facilitating CHP can do much to meet the terms of the Paris climate change agreement, while creating jobs and boosting competitiveness. They also advocate closer relationships between all energy carriers, taking into account the flexibility potential provided by heat networks, gas grids and the transport sector.

Energy Live News reports that the group also highlights the need to ensure existing CHP investments are not at risk of decommissioning and to guarantee grid access for new projects.

The group says CHP network tariff structures need to be transparent, cost-reflective and non-discriminatory, based on real use of the grid.à‚ 

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