COGEN Europe, the European association for the promotion of cogeneration, is calling on European lawmakers to ‘unleash the potential of CHP’ as they meet to discuss plans for the proposed Energy Efficiency Directive.

COGEN Europe is calling on lawmakers to achieve the potential of CHP in order to bring much needed primary energy savings that will help to meet Europe’s 2020 and 2050 energy and climate targets.

The industry body says that data and analysis provided by the Member States show that the European Union (EU) has a large unexploited economical cogeneration potential of 655 TWh of power supply, which would double the electricity production compared to the baseline.

Furthermore, the CHP potential would also result in a 211 GWe of power capacity by 2020, corresponding to an extra 110 GWe compared to the 100.2 GW of installed CHP capacity in the EU in 2008, says COGEN Europe.

It also reports that the primary energy savings stemming from CHP uptake amounts to 35 Mtoe, representing around 2% of the 2008 gross inland consumption in the EU 27.

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