COGEN Europe calls on ITRE to deliver clear EU policy on CHP

Ahead of the vote on the Energy Efficiency Directive on February 28th, COGEN Europe has called on the European Parliament’s ITRE Committee to deliver a clearly strengthened energy efficiency and CHP policy for Europe.

While the existing CHP Directive entered into force more than eight years ago, progresses have been slow at national level on designing a proper and supportive cogeneration framework.

COGEN added that one of the few positive outcomes deriving from the implementation of this directive has been the identification of a potential of 655 TWh of power supply and 211 GWe power capacity by 20201 at EU level, i.e. a doubling of the CHP market.

When voting on the proposal for an Energy Efficiency Directive, COM (2011) 370, Members of the ITRE Committee of the European Parliament shall send the strong political message that time has now come to improve the CHP policy leading to the realization of huge primary energy savings (notably via the implementation of the provisions contained in articles 10 & 12).

In addition, a bold Energy Efficiency Directive is central to meeting the strategic medium and long term energy and climate goals.

The European CHP sector, employing 100.000 workers in the manufacturing, servicing and supplying of CHPs, is looking forward to positive developments in the ITRE Committee and the weeks to come

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