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CHP to underpin Scottish hospital redevelopment

Ireland‘s Edina has won a contract to supply, install and maintain aà‚ combined heat and powerà‚ (CHP) plant as part of a major hospital redevelopment project in Scotland.

Edinburgh’s Royal Hospital for Sick Children is to undergo a à‚£150 million ($187 million) redevelopment which will include a 600 kWe CHP plant featuring a TCG 2016 V12 gas engine from MWM.

The plant will be partially containerized at Edina’s manufacturing facility in Northern Ireland, and will be housed within an energy centre adjacent to the hospital building. The energy centre will contain the main 11 kV switchboard and three standby diesel generators.

The CHP plant will supply power and heat for the hospital, making it around 80% energy efficient according to Edina. The company said the plant is expected to save the hospital around à‚£300,000 per year in energy costs, reduce its carbon emissions by 1790 tonnes per year and pay for itself in three years. à‚ 

The new development is currently under construction and will open to patients in spring 2018.