CHP system at no capital cost for UK hospital

A UK hospital is benefiting from the outputs of a new CHP system provided at no capital cost. Built under a 30-year Private Finance Initiative (PFI) backed energy services contract with Dalkia, the scheme has provided investment of à‚£5.3 million (€7.7 million) in new plant at the Ormskirk District and General Hospital Trust.

The agreement also includes the operation and maintenance of the new plant.

Ormskirk Hospital is a 174-bed general hospital in the town of Ormskirk, West Lancashire. The Trust sought this investment as the previous steam-raising boiler plant was at the end of its operational life and was not able to meet the future energy demands of the hospital. By using funding through the PFI scheme, the Trust was able to focus their capital budget on patient care and gain exemption from the Government’s climate change levy through the use of CHP.

To provide heating, hot water and electricity the existing boilerhouse has been replaced by a new facility situated on a different part of the hospital site. The new energy centre houses a gas-fired, 1 MW CHP unit coupled to a waste heat boiler and two new gas-fired boilers to provide hot water. Other changes include a new control system and standby generators.

Dalkia will provide 24-hour operation and maintenance of the system for the next 30 years.

Private Finance Initiative investments in energy systems for the British National Health Service have been very successful, with many hospitals benefiting from new energy plant that provides secure heating and electricity supplies. To date, Dalkia says it has invested around à‚£50 million (à‚¿72.5 million) through PFI in energy plant for hospitals, and provides this type of service to over 50 hospitals in the UK.
– 31 August 2006

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