22 March 2010 – NRG Energy, Inc, through its subsidiary NRG Thermal, has signed a contract to provide high-efficiency energy services, including a new CHP system, to the new University Medical Center of Princeton at Plainsboro (UMCPP), which is currently under construction in Plainsboro, New Jersey, US.
Under a 13-year contract, NRG will provide services from its ‘CHP Plus’ programme that integrates conventional, proven energy sources with high efficiency technologies.
The hospital will use electricity from a CHP system that will also produce steam for heating and chilled water for air conditioning, achieved by means of a thermal energy storage system. Other ‘green’ elements include solar power generation and energy-saving ‘smart’ meters.
The 237-room, acute-care hospital is expected to open by the end of 2011.
According to NRG, the benefits of the CHP Plus system include lower total costs – by using on-site CHP and optimal energy efficiency – CHP Plus takes an already energy efficient power system and enhances it with ‘smart’ appliances and meters that monitor and adjust energy consumption for optimal efficiency;
CHP Plus system also provides reliability – the on-site CHP facility will provide 100% redundancy for the hospital’s power needs. The UMCP replacement facility at Plainsboro will have access to power generated by CHP as its primary source; this power will be backed up by the local utility power and, finally, limited power to crucial areas of the hospital from emergency generators.