A US technical university has received an energy savings boost from combined heat and power.

Worcester Polytechnic Institute (pictured), in the northeastern state of Massachusetts, has installed a 150 kW CHP system comprised of two Ultra CM-75 units from Tecogen.

Together, the units generate power and heat that offset 30% of the energy used by the Gateway Life Sciences Building and Campus Centre, one of the university’s most energy-intensive buildings.

The CHP system also controls the building’s ambient temperature and humidity, said Bill Spratt, WPI’s director of facilities and operations. “We have a boiler in operation all year,” he explained. “In summer we offset the cooling the below set point and reheat it to drop out the moisture in the building, for humidity control.”

According to Spratt, the installation has resulted in 11% campus-wide energy savings and reduced the university’s greenhouse gas emissions by 7%.