By Tildy Bayar, Contributing Editor

A new commercial CHP system is generating over EUR45,000 (US$61,000) per year in savings on power and heat.

The CHP unit from PSE Power Systems is installed at the Mardyke Arena (pictured), a sports and fitness facility at the University College Cork in Munster, Ireland.

The unit runs from 0700 to 2300 daily, generating 140 kWh and providing around 250 kW in heat, all of which is used by the arena’s facilities.

Padraig Smith, PSE’s managing director, said, ‘There is a significant year round heating demand for the swimming pool and the new hydrotherapy pool in the Mardyke Arena. As a result, the CHP system is proving to be extremely economic.’

Patsy Ryan, the arena’s general manager, commented, ‘As the arena is achieving full usage of the heat and electricity generated by the CHP, the solution is highly efficient. The benefits CHP can deliver to a facility such as the Mardyke were clear from day one.’

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