Mini CHP units are being used by the London Fire Brigade (LFB) to cut carbon emissions.

The world’s third largest fire fighting organisation has already upgraded 18 London fire stations with Dachs mini-CHP units manufactured by SenerTec GmbH, a Baxi Group company. The units consist of an internal combustion CHP unit, a condenser and a buffer vessel and are designed to work alongside other distributed generation technologies such as wind turbines, solar thermal and PV installations.

More stations are in the process of installing the mini-CHP systems and Battersea Fire Station has reported a £2500 (US$4000) annual saving on fuel costs since installing a CHP unit, giving a payback on the purchase cost of less than six years.

‘Fire stations are ideal for mini-CHP,’ says David Shaw, business manager of Baxi-SenerTec UK, he adds: ‘They are 24-hour, 7-days-a-week buildings with a high demand for hot water and heating. Any building with a significant heat load will get the most out of their mini-CHP system as it will be running almost continuously generating generous amounts of electricity.’