CHP featured in EU food security project

Aà‚ combined heat and powerà‚ (CHP) system is central to a prize-winning project designed to dry large amounts of insects for use as animal feed.

The EU-sponsored PROteINSECT engineering competition, which focused on food security through promoting alternative feedstocks, this week announced theà‚ Entodryaà‚ project as its winner. The Entodrya was designed by Simon Schantl, a student in the Sustainable Food Management programme at the FH Joanneum University of Applied Sciences in Graz,à‚ Austria.

Schantl said he chose CHP for the project because it could also supply power and heat to surrounding buildings such as industrial facilities, hospitals or schools, depending on the regional infrastructure. à‚ 

The Entodrya features a motor-driven drum dryer with a belt conveyor. The surface of the drum is heated by compressed steam from an integrated CHP unit powered byà‚ biogasà‚ or natural gas. The electrical energy from the unit is used to move the drum dryer and conveyors.à‚ 

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