Caribbean hotel to install microturbine CHP

A large hotel in the Caribbeanà‚ region is to install a microturbine-based combined heat and power (CHP) system.à‚ 

The news comes this week from Capstone Turbine, which has received an order for an 800 kW C800 microturbine through its distributor, Energy Systems of the Caribbean.

The propane-fuelled microturbine will provide primary power to multiple buildings on the hotel grounds, and the exhaust energy will be used to generate steam for the facility.

Capstone said the new unit will boost the overall efficiency of the hotel’s energy system to nearly 80%.

As regional power fluctuations are common, the hotel aims to increase its energy independence with on-site power as well as meet its sustainability goals.

Capstone said its microturbine was selected in part because of its superior performance on propane fuel, after the Caribbean Water and Power Authority began conversion of its power plants from diesel to cheaper propane last year. The Authority aims to cut its overall fuel import costs by 30%. à‚ 

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