Capstone sells microturbine to US hospital in Massachusetts

Capstone Turbine Corporation has sold a C1000 microturbine that will be installed at a major hospital in Massachusetts in a combined heat and power (CHP) application.

When commissioned, the 1 MW natural gas microturbine will provide 1000 kW to help the hospital meet its growing energy needs.

In addition, exhaust heat from the microturbine will be fed through three Cain heat recovery modules to produce steam and heat two hot water systems, which will greatly increase on-site energy efficiency and reduce overall carbon emissions by reducing the amount of natural gas used in the existing boilers.

The C1000 will start operating this autumn.

“With our C1000 installed in a CHP application, the hospital will significantly increase its energy efficiency,” said Darren Jamison, Capstone president and chief executive officer.

“Because of the system’s high efficiency levels, the project received substantial funding from the local utility and qualified for renewable energy credits from the Massachusetts Department of Energy.”

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