Combined heat and power system to use Capstone turbines

Capstone Turbine Corp. received an order for a C600 and C1000 turbines that will be installed in a combined heat and power system at the City of York Wastewater Treatment Plant in York, Pa. The system is expected to be fully operational by 2011.

As part of the CHP system, the methane-fueled C600 will simultaneously supply 600 kW of electricity for the facility and create hot water to heat the building and the site’s two anaerobic digesters used in the waste treatment process. The C1000 turbine will be used for peaking power when the plant’s electricity demand rises.

Capstone’s C600 and C1000 Power Packages are 600 kW and 1 MW, respectively, power systems configured in compact ISO size containers that provide the same low emissions, low noise, high efficiency and extended maintenance benefits of Capstone’s C30, C65 and C200 offerings.

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