Boiler fuelled by poultry litter is among the first in US

A new poultry litter-fuelled boiler has been commissioned as part of a cogeneration project in the US, the manufacturer has announced.

Hurst Boiler’s 1600 HP model is among the first to be installed in the country, the company said. It is now set to begin providing power and steam for Prestage AgEnergy’s turkey production facility in North Carolina by mid-year.

The boiler range has previously been installed in Guatemala and, according to Tommy Hurst of Hurst Boiler, ‘began running almost three years ago on 100% litter simply because it was the most cost-effective and reliable fuel.

‘Since then,’ he added, ‘two more systems have been installed and are providing steam to poultry facilities using only chicken litter.’

According to the firm, litter has proved challenging as a fuel for many boiler systems designed for biomass due to its high ash content and ash characteristics. To address these challenges, the company said it looked at the entire process from fuel receiving to emissions treatment.

Sales representative Charlie Coffee added that, because ash from litter is rich in potassium and phosphorus, ‘these systems can transform the potential risk of phosphorous regulation into an economic asset for companies’.

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