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Biofuel trigen installed at UK airport hotel

The 218-room Radisson Blu hotel at East Midlands Airport has been awarded a BREEAM Excellent rating and is now considered the greenest hotel in Europe.

This is according to Fleetsolve, the green energy firm that designed, manufactured and installed a bespoke bio-fuelled system for the GBP22million (US$35 million) building.

The hotel’s trigeneration bio-fuelled CHP system provides electricity, heating and cooling from a single, renewable, end of waste fuel source.

Any excess energy produced by the CHP is exported to the national grid.

The bio-fuelled CHP has a control system that enables it to modulate its heat and electrical outputs to match the building demands.

The hotel’s environmental credentials are part of East Midlands Airport’s ambition to make its ground operations carbon neutral by 2012.

Fleetsolve managing director Keith O’Connor said: “The hotelࢀ¦has been awarded the highest ever BREEAM rating for a commercial hotel ” well above the 70% ‘Excellent’ benchmark used to assess a building’s environmental performance.

“Our CHPs are Ofgem accredited and receive Renewable Obligation Certificates for every MW of electrical power generated.”

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