The World Bank has approved a $125 million loan to Belarus to support a $190 million project aimed at improving the energy efficiency of heat and power generation in selected towns.

The project’s main objective is the conversion of six heat-only boiler plants to CHP plants in different localities across Belarus. Modern combined cycle gas turbines and gas engines that will give an additional 90 MW of electrical capacity will be installed. The efficiency of heat and power generation at the project sites is expected to increase by about 30%. It is estimated that about 90 million cubic meters of natural gas will be saved annually, which would lead to the annual reduction of about 165,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions.

The project will be carried out by the Belinvestenerhazberazhenne state enterprise, reporting to the Energy Efficiency Department under the State Standardization Committee, the agency responsible for the national energy efficiency programme.

In recent years, Belarus has made significant efforts to reduce energy intensity and improve efficiency. This project will start this year and will take five years to complete.