Bavarian wastewater treatment set for on-site CHP

German municipal water company Sàƒ¼dWasser GmbH is to install an on-site anaerobic digester and combined heat and power (CHP) unit.

Digesting sewage sludge to produce methane gas, this will be used to fuel a CHP unit producing some 28 kWe and 58 kWth.

The generated power will be used directly at the facilities, and the heat will be employed both for speeding up the digestion process and for use at the sewage treatment plant site.

Under the auspices of the municipal administrative partnership of Burgebrach in Bavaria, Germany, Sàƒ¼dWasser contracted Weltec Biopower to install the digester system which will consume daily 16 cubic metres of raw sludge along with dry matter. The existing wastewater treatment plant serves a population of around 13,000 people.

‘Through the installation of the digestion unit, we have established a sustainable, climate-friendly energy concept and can reduce the amount of sludge. In total, the COD load in the wastewater will be reduced by about a third,’ said Arne Nath, head of the wastewater department at Sàƒ¼dWasser GmbH.

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