Despite having its latest proposal rejected by the Ontario Power Authority, Atlantic Packaging isn’t giving up on its plan to build a cogeneration plant in Scarborough.

Atlantic Packaging submitted a proposal in August to build and operate a 140 MW cogeneration power plant at the northwest corner of Midland and Progress avenues, but the company heard back late last year that the proposal – its second – was unsuccessful.

Paul Doyle, vice-president of finance and administration, said the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) set very aggressive targets that were difficult to reach. “Our proposal was rejected because the price was too high,” he said. “We did everything we could to get us as close to that price as possible.”

OPA spokesperson Tim Butters said they couldn’t discuss specific applications, but added that none of the applications in this round of cogeneration proposals were successful.

“After a careful review of the proposals received, the OPA has determined that none met the necessary criteria. No contracts will be offered at this time as a result of the CHP IV procurement,” he said in a statement.

Atlantic Packaging’s submitted its first proposal in 2008-09 for a 45 MW plant. After that application was unsuccessful, the company started over and made a lot of changes.

“We’re still committed to making this work,” he said. “But, there’s no guarantee we’ll be able to make this work with the OPA.”

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