American DG buys 13 Tecogen CHP units

American DG Energy Inc (ADGE) has purchased 13 Tecogen combined heat and power (CHP) units for use in projects that ADGE announced earlier this month, said Tecogen.

Eight CM-75 (75 kW) and five InVerde (100 kW) units make up ADGE’s order.

Six CM-75 units will form a cogeneration plant at Tracy Towers residential apartment complex in New York. One CM-75 unit will provide electricity, domestic hot water, space heating and pool heating to the Greenwich YMCA in Connecticut. Another CM-75 unit will be at the West Village Apartments in Connecticut.

Tecogen CHP unit

The five InVerde units will be installed in the UK by EuroSite Power, a European subsidiary of American DG Energy (ADGE:NYSE Amex).

‘Tecogen was the natural choice for our clients,’ said Barry Sanders, president and chief operating officer of American DG Energy. ‘Tecogen is the pre-eminent bridge to a sustainable energy future, whose products are proven, cost-effective and environmentally responsible.’

Tecogen manufacturesà‚  CHP products including natural gas engine-driven cogeneration, air conditioning systems, and high-efficiency water heaters for industrial and commercial use. Tecogen has an installed base of more than 2100 units, supported by a network of engineering, sales and service personnel across the US.

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