22 June 2010 – American DG Energy has reached an agreement to expand the scope of its ‘on-site utility’ at Stevens Institute of Technology, located in Hoboken, New Jersey, US.
The company will install an additional five combined heat and power (CHP) units, one chiller and a boiler at three separate buildings on campus.
The university is already receiving a portion of its energy from a 75 kW CHP system and a 200-tonne natural gas chiller, which were installed at Stevens’ Schaeffer Center and McLean Hall, respectively, by American DG in 2009 and which are, through the original on-site utility agreement, owned, operated and maintained by the company.
The agreement authorized American DG to evaluate additional campus buildings to determine which others qualify for its energy solution.
American DG Energy will install two 75 kW CHP units at the Central Plant, two 75 kW CHP units at Howe Center and one 75 kW CHP unit, one 30-tonne hot water absorber and one boiler at the Library.
When the on-site energy systems are operational, they will produce energy in the form of electricity, space heating and cooling. Stevens will pay for the energy used and will avoid all capital, installation, operating and maintenance costs under the contractual arrangement.