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$74.5m upgrade to Rutgers cogeneration plant

The University of Rutgers in the US has decided to go ahead with a $74.5 million upgrade to its cogeneration plants, in order to reduce emissions and work more efficiently.

The New Brunswick Cogeneration Plant was built in 1995, and uses three dual-fuel five-megawatt turbines to power the Busch and Livingston campuses,à‚ according to a previous article by The Daily Targum.

All three of the turbines on Busch and three in Newark will be replaced during this process.
Rutgers University
The Busch plant will require about $30 million to upgrade but is expected to save about $2.86 million per year in energy costs and credits from the government.

The Newark plant will cost the remaining $44.5 million, but will also save nearly $3 million per year after the upgrades are completed.

In order to finance the projects, Rutgers will require both loans and grants from the state of New Jersey. University Hospital in Newark will pay just over $2 million of the cost for the northern facility.

The $2 million is roughly equal to 27 percent of the total cost Rutgersࢀ”Newark is financing by itself for their plant, which is about how much energy from the facility they use, according to TAPinto.