A new cogeneration plant is to be built on Staten Island, New York.

The New York City Energy Efficiency Corporation (NYCEEC) has announced that it will provide $6.3m of construction and permanent financing for the project at a new manufacturing plant in the borough.

The cogeneration plant will maximize the production of electricity to sell to the grid and the use of waste heat for onsite manufacturing processes.
Staten Island
“We are excited to enable a project with significant environmental and economic benefits, from substantial energy savings and greenhouse gas reduction to impactful job creation and grid resiliency,” said Jay Merves, director of business development at NYCEEC. “We are proud to be part of a project that serves as a new model for distributed generation.”

The cogeneration project is expected to reduce the manufacturing plant’s energy use by 34 per cent and its greenhouse gases by 12 per cent as compared to traditional processes. The project will also create construction-related and permanent jobs in Staten Island.