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$5.8m CHP deal for Liverpool Hilton

A combined heat and power system (CHP) has been installed at the landmark Hilton Liverpool. The revenue value of the agreement to Eurosite Power is $5.8m (à‚£3.8m) over the 30-year contract.
Liverpool Hilton

The clean energy system owned and operated by the Europe-based subsidary of American DG Energy is a highly efficient 122 kW CHP system tied into the Hilton Liverpool’s heating system and will produce energy in the form of electricity, space heat and domestic hot water for the hotel’s guest rooms, public areas and back-of-house.

With EuroSite Power’s On-Site Utility, the hotel only pays for the energy used and avoids all capital, installation, operating and maintenance costs of the CHP system. In addition, the energy produced is priced lower than existing and future utility costs providing immediate and ongoing cost savings to the owners -Ability Group.

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