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40 Microturbine Systems for Coin-Op Laundry Giant

US-based Distributed Generation Partners, LLC, has signed an agreement to design and build 40 or more small-scale CHP systems for installation in coin-operated laundries owned and operated by the Laundry Capital Company, LLC. The CHP systems will incorporate gas-fuelled microturbine technology provided by Florida-based Elliott Energy Systems.

Under the agreement, the two companies will develop 40 such projects, with an option to develop a further 60. Distributed Generation Partners will soon begin surveying Laundry Capital’s 51 New York City laundromats for suitability. Several of the company’s larger facilities in Boston, Philadelphia and Atlanta will also be considered for inclusion in the programme.

The agreement was announced at an event held to introduce Distributed Generation’s new, fully integrated CHP microturbine package which was developed jointly with Elliott Energy Systems. The package was shown to a number of prospective buyers including hotel operators, food processors, health care buildings and condominium owners.


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