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COGEN Europe has focused on the deterioration of CHP in the Netherlands over the last five years in the second issue of European Cogeneration Review.

From a position where the Dutch led the way in the European continent, with an important fraction of energy intensive industries in the Netherlands using cogeneration.
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The report, aimed at businesses and other interested stakeholders, offers a comprehensive overview of policy and market developments and highlights recent negative changes.

After a period of rapid growth in the 1990s, the CHP sector in the Netherlands has stagnated in the past five years, recently showing signs of decline.

The report pinpoints three factors that are considered to play a role in reversing CHP growth: an unfavourable gas spark spread that affects the majority of CHP which are gas fired, a lack of stimulus from EU ETS and the absence of a comprehensive Dutch CHP or energy efficiency policy to compensate for the impact of the first two factors.

Reacting to the report, Cogen Nederland, the National Cogeneration Association, emphasized the importance of a stable policy environment that rewards the much needed energy savings and carbon emission reductions delivered by CHP in the Netherlands.

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