Cofely, a GDF SUEZ company, has completed the first phase of the 5 MW Leicester District Energy Scheme in central England in the UK.

The scheme – a £15m ($24m) partnership between Cofely and the city council – spans six city estates in Leicester and runs on more than 5 MW of low-carbon gas-fired combined heat and power (CHP) and upgraded biomass boilers.

cofely district chp leicester

A new 3.2 MW CHP engine at the University of Leicester will provide heating and hot water to several city council buildings as well as a prison. More than 3,000 council houses are also covered.

Laying out the 7 km of pipework to connect these buildings for the scheme took about 18 months.

Deputy City Mayor Cllr Rory Palmer said the council will now be working to encourage other local organisations to join the scheme.

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