Seeking an environmentally friendly power and heating solution that would reduce utility costs, a school district in Ohio, US has chosen combined heat and power.

Medina City School District’s 2500-student high school will now be powered by a 128 kWe natural gas-fueled CHP system from Rolls-Royce Power Systems subsidiary MTU Onsite Energy.

The CHP system will offset over 1 million kWh of purchased electricity per year, saving the district an estimated annual $82,944 in electricity costs.

Heat is recovered from the Series 400 unit’s exhaust and jacket water system, for a total heat recovery of 747,000 Btu per hour.

‘Wind and solar power seem like obvious choices when looking for renewable energy solutions, but when we dug deeper we found that combined heat and power systems have been a proven technology for more than 100 years,’ said John Burkhart, director of business affairs for the school district.