The German ‘Cogeneration Plant of the Year’ award for 2014 has been announced in Berlin.

The winner is a double-gas engine module investment at Sokratherm GmbH, Hiddenhausen, northwest Germany.

The facility provides 140 kW electric and 235 kW thermal output and is operated by Rohde AG Norten -Hardenberg, a company that specializes in surface finishing and manufacturing of industrial handles.

The plant was selected by a jury of the Federation of Cogeneration Associations(B.KWK) from eleven plants that presented between January and November 2014, and was drawn from the newspaper Energy & Management’s” CHP Plant of the Month” winners.

The plant is deemed an outstanding example of efficient, environmentally friendly and economical use of energy by combined heat and power.

The plant scored particularly highly for its optimization of the total heat supply and its sophisticated heat cascade contribution to energy efficiency.

There were also marks for the design incorporating very precise analysis of energy flows and thermodynamic conditions in the entire production process.

Finally judges were impressed with the high efficiency of energy supply involved in the plant’s condensing technology.