Canadian pulp mill performs final cogeneration tests

The Prince Albert Pulp Mill in Saskatchewan, Canada is in the process of testing its ability to provide reliable power for sale back to the grid.

Currently, the mill needs to prove it can generate power for 48 hours straight at 90 per reliability in order to pass tests to sell power.

Prince Albert Pulp MillGeneral Manager Dale Patterson said the plant would not only be able to sell power back to grid to sell income, but it would also be used to heat the plant and power future retrofitting, once they pass testing.

“This means is that approximately 50 per cent of our steam plant system is proven, all of our water systems are proven and we’ll be able to heat the mill this coming winter,” he said. “Therefore activities that are going on in the mill, we’ll have the mill heated.”

Patterson said he’s confident the plant will pass the test as they’ve been producing power in varying degrees for about a month.

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