Canadian CHP decommissioning

Brookfield Renewable Power has confirmed that it will decommission a 110 MW gas-fired CHP plant located in Ontario, Canada. The decision comes after the company reportedly failed to reach a satisfactory power purchase agreement with local utility company Ontario Power Authority.

The closure of the Lake Superior Power installation (pictured), consisting of two gas turbine generators, located in Sault Ste. Marie, will affect 10 staff.

Spokesperson Zev Korman confirmed the decommissioning , telling Cospp in a statement: “We’re hopeful that commercial considerations will improve and allow us to restart operations at some future point, but we do not have any such plans at this time.”

Julie Moffatt, a Brookfield representative reportedly said: ‘Our plan is to make sure, if ever we sign another contract, if we come to terms with another contract, that we will be able to restart the plant’.

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