The Brooklyn-based Prospect Park Residence is benefiting from the installation of a 100 Kw combined heat and power system, provided by American DG Energy (NYSE MKT: ADGE).

The on-site power utility, is now operating the) system with convenience back-up power at the residences, which facilitate senior care living in the New York borough.

Brooklyn-based Prospect Park Residence

The revenue value of the agreement is $1.9m over the fifteen-year term.

American DG Energy owns, operates and maintains the CHP system which is now producing space heat and domestic hot water at a discounted rate over that supplied by local utilities. The CHP system also has the unique ability to provide convenience back-up power at no additional cost to Prospect Park Residences.

Prospect Park Residences will reduce their carbon emissions by approximately 423 tonnes per year, or the equivalent of CO2 emissions removed by eliminating 88 vehicles per year from the roadways from the utilization of the CHP system.

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