The UK’s shadow energy secretary has told the Labour Party conference in Liverpool that he will be aiming to stimulate and support the UK’s decentralized energy sector.Barry Gardiner

In a major speech on the energy sector Barry Gardiner outlined plans to support a national migration to a more decentralised energy system with significant focus on community energy programmes to go alongside a renewable energy target of 65% by 2030.

Dubbed ‘Repowering Britain’, the programme would see community energy companies handed a so-called “right to supply” the electricity they generate to local residents.

“We need to localise the way energy is produced and stored. I want people earning from the energy they produce on their rooftop solar or their community wind turbines, not just consuming what the Big Six sell. We need to create smart networks and local grids to make energy work to pay people rather than people working to pay their energy bills,” Gardiner said.

Community energy programmes have been some of the hardest hit by the government’s reset of support frameworks for renewables, particularly the feed-in tariff and exclusion from EIS, SEIS and other tax relief schemes.