Illinois-based Basler Electric celebrated its 75th anniversary this year. Ken Rhodes, Vice President of Sales, spoke to Decentralized Energy about its work in the distributed energy sector. 

Founded by Carl Basler in 1942 in his father’s garage, Basler Electric today has an international presence now run by Carl’s son, William L. Basler. The company has expanded continually over time; manufacturing in the USA for export to China, India and other industrial countries.
Basler Electric
Basler manufactures an extensive line of control and protection products for utilities that produce and transmit electricity. Its equipment can be found in nearly every utility in the United States. In terms of decentralized energy technologies, the company produces voltage regulators and excitation systems for generators – from home standby systems, to emergency backup power systems at hospitals or data processing centers, to large-scale power generation like Hoover Dam.

“A large part of Basler’s annual business supports decentralized energy,” says Rhodes. “We provide multiple components to both end users and OEMs integrating decentralized energy systems into their applications.”

“Our products provide integration, control, and protection of decentralized systems.  It includes grid monitoring equipment, distributed resource management and control systems, voltage regulation, and system protection.”

Voltage regulation systems and genset controls are subject to increasing demand as clients opt for control and protection for remote power generation. The company is also responding to growth in particular areas of power generation systems.

“Decentralized energy is not a new concept.  At one point, it was called distributed generation and we have a baseline of business in this area.  The popularity of decentralized energy has changed a bit with the addition of renewables into the mix of power generation. This has added to demand in this area.  The developing trend of decentralized, distributed resources and microgrid technology is a very popular option in today’s energy systems.  These systems lower energy production and transmission costs as well as our carbon footprint.”

Basler is adept at using its decades of experience in adapting to the particular issues associated with modern power systems, according to Rhodes.
Basler excitation control system
“Grid and resource management is an obstacle and Basler thrives to create easy solutions for our users.  Systems must be able to automatically adapt to changing environments while ensuring optimal control and protection of that system.”

“Implementation of decentralized energy played a significant part of the quick recovery of energy during recent storms.  These systems provide local support to maintain energy reliability and recovery.”

“We have innovated many products, from protection to control, that offer the user multiple ease-of-use and error reduction features.  We offer simplicity in the integration of our products into the overall power system whether it is decentralized or not.”

The company’s technologies can be found in numerous other sectors too, from regulation systems for military applications like ground power systems for aircraft support, nuclear submarines, and nuclear aircraft carriers to plastic components used in Basler’s many products. There is a pool of knowledge that Basler can pull from that feeds into its thinking, in terms of decentralized energy.

Apart from its Highland, Illinois headquarters, Basler has manufacturing facilities in Taylor, Texas, and  Piedras Negras, Mexico, along with an injection molded plastics facility in San Marcos, Texas, and its subsidiary, EPower Systems, LLC, located in Littleton, Colorado. The latter is a leading full-service electrical engineering and field services company in the power generation, power distribution and controls market. On top of that, the company has international sales and support facilities in Suzhou, China, and Singapore along with a large network of distributors located throughout the world.

To find out more about Basler’s technologies serving the decentralized energy market, meet their team in booth 6630 at this year’s POWER-GEN International in Las Vegas, which takes place from December 5-7th.