Atlas Copco keen to continue progress in utility support

Atlas Copco is planning to do more in the area of modular power plants, seeing it as a ‘game changer for the company’, in terms of its work in the utilities area.

Adrian Ridge, President of the Atlas Copco Power and Flow division, told Decentralized Energy, “Modular power plants are a target for us as we have the expertise, the products and the knowledge. We believe that the product portfolio we have been developing and introduced in the market lately, based on the learnings we got so far in this type of application, will be a game changer when it comes to cost per kWh and lowering carbon footprint. So, we will keep ourselves committed to the sustainable productivity in this area, in line with all other business where we are present.”
Adrian Ridge, President of the Atlas Copco Power and Flow division
The company recently provided its diesel generator equipment, à‚ four QAC1250à‚ generatorsà‚  as part of a à‚ modular power plantà‚ to Iquitos City, the largest metropolis in theà‚ Peruvianà‚ Amazon.

Ridge says that utility support is one of the most important sectors in which mobile diesel generators are used, and they expect a consistent demand for their rental products in this area.

“In markets where tolerances for power blackouts are very limited, we see power companies using generators during the maintenance of transformers and repair of power lines.”

“For these applications, Atlas Copco introduced the PTM (Power Transformer Box), which gives the possibility to parallel a generator with mains, take the load and back sync when the job is completed. This way, no power shortage, nor micro power cuts, will be noticed by the end user. Moreover, this is a full plug-and-play system that can be operated, safely, by end user technician.”

While that system is becoming a very popular service provided by rental companies, Ridge noted other popular jobs done by diesel generators in utility support applications, mainly in under-developed regions.

“These include fixed power injected in the mains, to balance the power shortage by main power plants. This type of project, which mainly takes place in under-developed regions, is normally performed long term by large generators in a modular configuration. In these cases, fuel consumption is key and, recently, we introduced in the market the new QAC1450 TwinPower, which is approximately 5 per cent better in terms of efficiency.”

Last month the Swedish multinational presented a new strategic vision, centred around the newly formed Power Techniques Unit.

The division formed in July and incorporates portable generators, and took the opportunity in London in March to launch a new division dedicated to Power and Flow, serving power plants, events and other areas whereà‚ uninterruptible power supplyà‚ is required.

The company’s vision is in line with recent megatrends towardsà‚ digitalisationà‚ and the construction of smart cities.

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