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Alstom selected to modernise Polish CHP plant

One of Poland’s biggest combined heat and power plants is to benefit from a $38m upgrade courtesy of Alstom.

All three boilers are operated by Dalkia at EC Karolin, which is the biggest combined heat and power plant in Poznaà…„, western Poland. Construction and modernisation of the Flue Gas Desulphurisation (FGD) units for all three boilers are due in 2015.
EC Karolin
The new FGD units will be based on Alstom’s semi-dry NIDTM technology, and to optimise investment and operational costs, the FGD units for the two boilers will be erected side by side, with common storage and transport facilities.

Alstom’s NIDTM system, which is based on lime reagent, is characterized by a compact reactor, integrated mixer & hydrator and high-end bag filter for dust collection. It offers cost-effective design while meeting increasingly stringent emission regulations. It has been successfully applied in more than 12 GW for the power generation sector, as well as 120 plants for industrial sectors, such as Waste to Energy and Iron & Steel.

For the new FGDs, Alstom will deliver complete systems with flue gas ducts and storage facilities. Regarding the modernisation of the existing FGD unit conducted by Alstom, the installation efficiency and availability will significantly increase to reach the guaranteed values for SO2 and dust.

Jacky Lacombe, Chief Operating Officer, Dalkia Polska said, “Due to the introduction of IED requirements into Polish law we are required to reduce our emission levels to below 200 mg/Nm3 for SO2 and below 20 mg/Nm3 for dust. Alstom guarantees even lower values, so that we can ensure that after 2015 all steam boilers in our plants will meet SO2 and dust emission standards and continue energy and heat production for our customers.”

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