Alfagy ‘pioneers’ solar CHP in UK

Alfagy, a UK-based combined heat and power (CHP) specialist, is expanding into solar CHP with a focus on new-build hospitals.

CEO Peter Kindt told COSPP that his company is embracing the technology as an exceptionally ‘green’ and increasingly affordable form of cogeneration.

Alfagy solar CHP

‘The market for solar CHP in the UK is potentially worth billions, although it’s not easy to say what it will be worth,’ he said.

‘The main driver will be the future price of heat and power ” which depends upon how much power capacity goes off line and its replacement rate with natural gas generation. Both are expected to increase rapidly, so heat costs will skyrocket even if shale gas fulfils its potential of supplying 10% of the natural gas market.’

As a ‘pioneer’ for solar CHP in the UK, Alfagy is initially targeting commercial buildings, with a focus on the health sector, he added.

‘We are especially interested in the health market, where public-private initiatives to build hospitals are now getting underway,’ he said.

In 2013, Alfagy also expects to land its first overseas contacts, said Kindt.

In France, the company has tendered for several biogas cogeneration projects and aims to develop a market for solar CHP, he said.

‘In the UK, the market has been dented and bruised by wavering government initiatives,’ he added.

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