Oman’s Dhofar Energy Company has signed six agreements worth $83m with a number of companies to expand the Salalah electricity network infrastructure.

The first agreement, worth $17.4m, includes erection of a 23 km, 132 kV transmission line connecting the planned main transformer in Awqad with the existing main transformer in Salalah Free Zone in Raysut.

The second agreement, worth $14.8m, is to construct a 132/33 kV transformer station in Awqad.

The third agreement, worth $20m, is to extend by 60 km the 132 kV transmission line to connect the planned main transformer station in Awqad with the existing transformer station in Ashur Plain in Mirbat.

The fourth, fifth and sixth agreements, worth $13.2m, $7.3m, and $10.4m respectively, are for construction of seven 33/11 kV substation transformers.

The Dhofar Power Company said these projects aim to expand the Salalah electricity system and connect it with the power plant under construction in the Governorate of Dhofar.

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