Construction of the facility is scheduled to begin in the first quarter of 2007, following the completion of all permitting and financing, and full commercial operation and supply of electricity is expected to commence June 2009.

No more power plants with operating efficiencies less than 70% (though 60% or 65% might also do) should be allowed to be built in Europe; and the least efficient 20% of generating capacity should be retired in the next two years, to create space in the market for new cogeneration plants. These were the parting words from the outgoing Director of COGEN Europe, Simon Minett, speaking at the annual conference on decentralized energy organized by WADE and held in Prague, the Czech Republic, in October. Minett is moving on after more than eight years heading up the lobbying group and will be replaced by fellow Brit, but this time from Scotland, Dr Fiona Riddoch.