$10.6m contract for UK-based on-site energy firm

American DG Energy subsidiary, EuroSite Power (OTCQB: EUSP), has signed up to a $10.6m contract to provide clean power to the Roko Health Club franchise in the UK.

The company has already booked contracts amounting to $47.3m in 2012.

The contract entails provision of on-site utility solutions at four sites operated by Roko Health Clubs in the UK. The locations of the four projects are Chiswick, Gillingham, Nottingham and Portsmouth.

Under the fifteen-year agreement, EuroSite Power will install and operate combined heat and power (CHP) systems at each of the four health clubs. à‚ EuroSite Power will produce clean energy in the form of electricity, heating and domestic hot water for each health club at a price lower than the clubs’ current and future energy suppliers.

The four projects combined will produce approximately 6.6 GWh of total energy per annum, while saving up to 694 tonnes of CO2 each year.

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