Aggreko offers generators for COVID-19 testing sites

Aggreko offers generators for COVID-19 testing sites

Temporary power supplier Aggreko has offered the UK government up to 1300 small generator units free of charge to support the set-up of COVID-19 testing sites across the UK.
electricity systems

The potential value of DSOs

Keeping costs low is essential as we move towards flexible electricity systems, write Gareth Davies and David Cox from AFRY Management Consulting.

Blazing a trail to a decentralised future

Flexible power solutions are vital to making decentralised energy fulfil its potential, says Dan Ibbetson.
control systems

Why monitoring and control systems could transform renewables

As renewable energy investments grow rapidly, the role of monitoring and control systems for these assets is becoming vital, writes Pritil Gunjan.
Hydrogen in the energy sector

Why it’s hydrogen’s time to take off

Renewables can’t carry all the world’s energy demand on its shoulders. Now is the time for low carbon hydrogen, argue Worley’s Frank Wouters and Dr Paul Ebert.
Grid technology

Ed’s Note: Spotlight on new tech

For some time the energy industry has focused on the challenge of how to manage the intermittency of renewables.
noise management

Wall of sound: Managing noise in CHP plants

Robert Lomax examines existing technologies addressing industrial noise emissions from CHP plants.
Energy infrastructure in Africa

Energy infrastructure in Africa: Beyond cables

Despite both the overwhelming need and the ample means available, the delivery of energy infrastructure in Africa is not happening as quickly as governments and the ultimate beneficiaries might like.
Community-scale solar projects taking root as financing makes more sense

Community-scale solar projects taking root as financing makes more sense

According to Variety, singer Luis Fonsi’s hit 'Despacito' broke a new digital record when it surpassed 5 billion views on YouTube, becoming...

World Bank provides fiscal boost to solar hybrid mini grids in...

The Nigerian Rural Electrification Agency, in collaboration with the World Bank, has signed a grant agreement with Renewvia Solar Nigeria for the Solar Hybrid Mini Grids Performance-Based Grant.

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