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KEMA picks GreenBus software for smart grid test lab

Energy consulting, testing and certification firm KEMA plans to use Green Energy‘s GreenBus software platform to support its Smart Grid Interop Lab.

The Smart Grid Interop Lab is used to verify smart grid device interoperability. It can also be used to test low-voltage automation devices, meters and consumer products to ensure they comply with evolving smart-grid standards.

KEMA plans to use the GreenBus software to help utilities automate processes, capture more real-time grid data and allow applications to securely share data.

Roxy Podlogar, vice president of Product Strategy at Green Energy, said: “Using GreenBus at KEMA will not only enable interoperability between applications, but will also provide a platform for innovation, through advanced technologies and design, open-source-derived components, and vendor agnostic functionality.”

Green Energy will design, develop, install and support the monitoring and control of advanced power system applications.

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