Alstom has launched its upgraded GT24 gas turbine and corresponding KA24 combined-cycle power plant for 60 Hz markets in North America, parts of Latin America, Asia and the Middle East.

The launch on 13 September follows the introduction in June of Alstom’s upgraded GT26 gas turbine and the corresponding combined-cycle power plant KA26 for 50 Hz electricity markets.

In upgrading its gas turbines for the 50 Hz and the 60 Hz electricity markets, Alstom aims to meet rising demand for gas fired power generation.

“These product upgrades are our response to the renewed growth we are witnessing in the natural gas fired power generation markets,” said Mark Coxon, senior vice president of Alstom’s gas business.

“We see the role of combined-cycle power plants to be increasingly used as a back-up technology enabling more renewable power to be integrated into the energy mix. Accordingly these products have been optimized not only to offer very high output and efficiency, but also outstanding operational flexibility.”

The upgraded GT24 gas turbine and other associated key power plant components will be manufactured in Alstom’s factory in Chattanooga, Tennessee, US, which was inaugurated last year.

The share of natural gas in the global energy mix is expected to surge over coming years as it replaces coal and oil, and also complements renewable energy sources.

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