Zambia importing 95 MW from Mozambique

Zambia is importing 95 MW from Mozambique, and has asked mining companies to reduce power consumption after a fault on the 400 kV Matimba Phokoje transmission line from South Africa, resulting in load shedding.

Andre Makulu, spokesman for Zambia Electricity Supply Corporation (ZESCO), said that the import was necessary to meet Zambia’s peak demand of 1800 MW.

He said that engineers working on the faulty line predict that it will be operational by the end of August. ZESCO has also asked copper mining companies, which make up 520 MW of Zambia’s demand, to reduce consumption until the line is repaired.

Zambia has said that it plans to invest over $5bn in improving its ageing power equipment and increasing power output threefold to meet increasing demand, especially with rapid industrial growth spurred by rising investments in mining and agriculture.

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