Waller Marine to construct barge-mounted CFB power plant

Feb. 25, 2002 — A contract for the supply and construction of the world’s first barge mounted circulating fluidized bed boiler electrical generating facility has been awarded to Waller Marine Inc., Houston, TX. The nominal 100 MW coal fired power plant will be installed at Pickwick, Tennessee under a contract with Pickwick Power LLC, who will be supplying power into the TVA system.

The Waller designed power plant will be constructed under supervision in a shipyard located in China using Chinese CFBC technology. Comprised of two barges, the steam barge and the turbine barge, the entire plant, with the exception of coal and limestone storage and material handling facilities will be integrated into the vessels and transported by submersible ships to Mobile, Alabama. Returned to the water at Mobile, the barges will be towed up the Tombigbee Waterway for installation at Pickwick. Waller will act as EPC contractor for the entire project, including the U.S. civil component. The project is expected to reach commercial operation in June 2004.

Waller Marine’s foray into the power barge business began in 1992 when, with its sister company, Polar Energy, Inc., negotiated a 90 MW barge mounted power supply agreement with the National Power Corporation of the Philippines. Polar currently operates a 50 MW power plant in the Clark Economic Zone (ex Clark Field) in the Philippines under a long-term power supply agreement with the zone.

Waller recently supplied two, 30 MW power barges to Lagos, Nigeria, under an EPC contract with Enron and provided the conceptual and detailed engineering for the barge mounted 220 MW combined cycle power plant, constructed by Hyundai, and installed in Mangalore, India in 2001. Waller is presently designing two barge mounted combined cycle power pants for future installation in the New York area.

Waller Marine, Inc. is a marine project company serving the offshore oil and gas, marine transportation and energy industries. To learn more, visit www.wallermarine.com.

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